Find My Watch, new Complications, Apple TV integration and more coming to Apple Watch

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Since its April 2015 debut, the Apple Watch to this date runs Apple Watch OS 1.0 as Apple has yet to release an update to the wrist-worn device’s operating system. As per a new report filed by 9to5Mac’s Mark Gurman, a software update is in the works that’ll improve the Apple Watch’s connectivity with other devices like the Apple TV.

Other noteworthy perks reportedly include enhancements aimed at strengthening the security of the Apple Watch, boosting built-in health and fitness capability, bolstering Wi-Fi features and tightening integration with third-party applications.

In addition, a new Apple TV hardware with a “fancy” new remote, even tighter Apple Watch integration and support for downloadable applications is on its way, too.

Citing “a proven source”, the report adds that Apple is readying major updates for the Apple TV in both the hardware and software departments, including Apple Watch integration.

A “Find my Watch” feature, currently missing in the Apple Watch OS 1.0, will help you find a misplaced device, presumably on a world map akin to the existing Find My iPhone/iPad/Mac features in iOS and OS X.

Another reported enhancements is the ability to remotely lock or wipe your stolen Apple Watch. The Apple Watch relies on its connected iPhone for GPS and Wi-Fi functionality, but it can also connect to previously stored Wi-Fi networks on its own.

Should a “Find my Watch” feature make its way into the Apple Watch, Apple might enhance the device’s Wi-Fi features in order to allow the device to be easily located by iCloud even when the iPhone is out of range.

To tackle this issue, Apple will reportedly employ a feature called “Smart Leashing” that will prompt the device to tap its built-in Wi-Fi in order to establish its location relative to the iPhone’s last known location.

Find My Watch will even notify you via a light tap on your wrist should you accidentally leave your iPhone behind.

“The source cautioned that the Find my Watch and Smart Leashing features could be farther off than others in development, as they may require a more capable and independent wireless chip in a next-generation Watch,” reads the report.

Health and fitness improvements include notifying a user about an irregular heart beat. “Apple hopes to add a blood pressure monitor and sleep tracking features in the near future, with glucose/blood sugar sensors scheduled for the longer term,” notes the author.

Another feature we should be looking forward to: third-party watch face Complications. Borrowing terms from traditional watchmaking, Complications Complications are various nuggets of information that can be optionally added to some of Apple’s build-in faces, such as moon phases, battery and fitness levels, battery charge and current date, among others.

A source claims that a set of Twitter Complications are being worked on, allowing you to display a count of unread Twitter mentions, “while a larger view could show the text of a recent Twitter mention.”

As for the Apple TV, expect a “fancier” remote that will be bundled with the rumored hardware overhaul of the device.

Expected to make its debut at WWDC next month, the new Apple TV box will offer deep Siri integration and the ability to run third-party applications via an Apple TV App Store and a new feature for developers called “TVKit,” Gurman has apparently learned.

Source: 9to5Mac