How to replace Siri sound effects with Jarvis sound effects


Ever since Siri’s been out, I’ve seen people comment about how great it would be to replace Siri’s voice with J.A.R.V.I.S. from Marvel’s Iron Man series.

Apparently, that desire hasn’t waned, as there’s a fairly large thread on Reddit discussing a method for replacing Siri’s stock sound effects with custom Jarvis effects pulled right from the movies.

I’ve tried this method out, and honestly, it sounds a little bit low budget. Nonetheless, I know some of you will enjoy this, and just the fact that you can learn where the Siri sound effects are, and how to replace them properly, makes this tutorial worth checking out.

To preface this, let me just say that you must back up your Siri sound effects (I just prefer backing them all up by zipping them) or risk losing them for good. I’m serious. If you don’t do this right, you can cause yourself a big headache, so pay close attention.

Backing up all sound effects

Step 1: Launch iFile

Step 2: Navigate to /System/Library/Audio

Step 3: Tap Edit

Step 4: Select UISounds

Step 5: Tap the Compress button

Replacing Siri sound effects

Step 1: Download the Jarvis sound effects and AirDrop them to your iPhone

Step 2: Tap Unarchiver to extract the files

Step 3: Tap Edit

Step 4: Select all five files (prefaced with jbl)

Step 5: Tap the Clipboard button

Step 6: Tap Cut

Step 7: Navigate to /System/Library/Audio/UISounds

Step 8: Tap Edit

Step 9: Tap Paste

Step 10: Tap Overwrite All

Step 11: Reboot your iPhone (not respring)

Change your Siri voice to a British voice

Step 1: Open Settings

Step 2: Tap General

Step 3: Tap Siri

Step 4: Tap Language

Step 5: Tap English (United Kingdom)

Please watch the video above to see the entire process.

As I stated at the outset, the sound effects are a bit low quality. I also find that the British Siri voice doesn’t really work cohesively with the Jarvis voice.

Regardless of whether you like the Jarvis sound effects or not, I still think it’s useful to know. In theory, you could easily create your own sound effects now that you know how to backup and replace the Siri effects with ease.

What do you think?