OtterBox Defender for iPad Air 2 offers rugged protection

OtterBox Defender iPad Air 2

I’ve been known to take my tablet with me camping. When I do, I want to make sure it is completely protected from the messy outdoors. Without proper coverage, dust, campfire ash, sticky marshmallows, and sunscreen, might end up all over your expensive mobile gadget.

The OtterBox Defender protects against such elements while providing durable shock resistance so you can play hard with your iPad Air 2 in hand and not worry about what might happen to it.

The case is designed with triple layer protection with a tough polycarbonate shell, a shock-absorbing silicon slipcover, and a built-in screen protector. A hard shell cover with a stand snaps to the backside of the case, providing additional protection. Plus, you can display your iPad Air 2 upright for movie watching, or typing.

All ports are protected with plug covers to keep dust and debris from finding its way into your sensitive headphone jack and charging input. Just remove the plug to use a port when you need to.

The protective film that covers your touch screen includes a special membrane so you can use Touch ID uninterrupted. There are cutaways for the front and back-facing cameras, as well as the microphone.

OtterBox Defender for iPad Air 2 is available in Black for $90, and Crushed Damson and Glacier for $81. There are also Defender Series cases available for every iPad model from the second-generation and newer.