8-bit video game wallpapers for iPhone and iPad

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The oldies are the goodies, so they say. With nostalgia for the original games, 8-bit has become a niche genre that is still holding true for some retro style games and gamers. While the early days of Atari and Nintendo required 8-bit gaming, modern technology is very much past its blocky forebears. Yet, some modern classics stick to 8-bit roots.

Today’s Wallpapers of the Week selection features a mix of old and new. Where Mario is the classic 8-bit side scroller, modern games┬álike Minecraft keep the spirit alive, although as a stylistic choice, not a technological requirement.

8-Bit Wallpapers


Download Sword & Sworcery EP: iPad; iPhone


Download Mario: iPad

Monument Valley

Download Monument Valley: iPhone


Download Yoshi: iPhone

8-bit Htc One M8 Wallpapers

Download 8 bit: iPhone

Super Mario Nintendo Wallpapers for Galaxy S5

Download Super Mario Bros: iPhone


Download Minecraft: iPad; iPhone

super_mario_bros wallpaper

Download Super Mario: iPhone

Zelda 02 wallpaper

Download Zelda A Link to the Past: iPhone


Download Super Mario: iPhone


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