Caseology leather Bumper Frame Case looks classy while protecting your iPhone 6

Caseology Bumper Frame Case Leather

The iPhone 6 looks good right out of the box. Some would even say that a case only hides its sleek design. However, cases serve to protect your device from unfortunate accidents. So why not protect it in style?

Caseology makes a Bumper Frame case that is covered in leather. Not only does it keep your iPhone 6 from unsightly scratches, but it also has a classy look to make fashion forward users happy.

The thin case is made from impact resistant, shock absorbing polycarbonate to protect from drops. The interior is also specially designed with added drop protection. There is a lip on the front of the case so you can lay your iPhone 6 on the counter and the screen won’t touch any flat surface.

It also includes a flexible thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) removable frame that is coated with a metallic finish. The removable bumper frame serves as additional support on the corners of your device.

The backside is coated with polyurethane leather (PU leather), which is designed to produce a smooth leather finish, while being easy to clean. The leather is textured for extra grip to prevent slipping out of your hand.

All ports are exposed so you have convenient access to the Lightning charger and headphone jack. Cutaways expose the camera, microphone, speakers, and Apple logo. The case features specially designed buttons to keep your volume, mute, and Sleep/Wake buttons covered.

The case comes in a number of leather options, including Leather Cherry Oak, Carbon Fiber White, Carbon Fiber Black, Leather Burgandy Red, Leather Charcoal Black, Leather Copper Gold, and Mesh Metallic Silver. There are also non-leather coated versions available in a variety of different artistic styles.

Caseology’s leather Bumper Frame Case for iPhone 6is available for $14 on Amazon. There is also a version available for the iPhone 6 Plus.

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