Charge your iPhone and Apple Watch simultaneously with these dual USB chargers

dual usb

The first night I took off my Apple Watch, I ran into a problem. I went to plug the charger into the outlet behind my nightstand, and I realized both spots were taken—1 by my iPhone alarm dock and the other by my lamp. So I started looking into dual USB chargers.

Figuring I wasn’t the only one coming up a plug short, I decided to share my findings here on iDB. I’ve compiled a list of 8 dual USB chargers that I feel are worth checking out. They vary in price and design, and as usual, I’ve only included those with high ratings, making sure they are some of the best dual USB chargers you can use with your iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch.

PowerGen Dual USB 2.4A

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You may not recognize the name PowerGen, but they are highly regarded in the charger and battery space. This particular dual USB charger has a 4.5 star rating on Amazon, on over 13,000 customer reviews. It has two USB ports with a combined max output of 2.4a / 12w, tiny LEDs that let you know if your devices are properly connect, and its smaller size and flip-down folding design make it perfect for travel. You can find the PowerGen charger here for $10.

iClever Dual USB 4.8A

dual usb 2

The iClever charger isn’t as small as the PowerGen, but it still has the flip-down plug design and some other features that make it worth looking at. Among those is power—it maxes out at 4.8a / 24w, meaning you could quick-charge two smartphones or tablets simultaneously—and has SmartID technology, which identifies devices for maximum charging efficiency. You can find the iClever charger here for $13.

Anker Dual USB 4A

dual usb 3

The name Anker is probably one of the more familiar names on this list, given their success in battery packs and USB hubs. Their dual USB charger is just as well-liked, garnering a 4.5-star rating on Amazon on nearly 3,000 reviews. It matches the iClever with a foldable design and SmartID tech (they call theirs  ‘Power IQ’), but unfortunately it’s not quite as powerful (20w vs 24w) and it doesn’t have LED indicators to ensure your devices are properly connected. You can find the Anker charger here for $13.

RAVPower Dual USB 4.8A

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RAVPower is another extremely well-regarded charging brand on Amazon, and this particular product has a perfect 5 out of 5 star rating on 600+ reviews. It matches the iClever in every regard: design, smart device-identifying technology, LED indicators and it has a max output of 4.8-amps / 24 watts. This again allows you to charge two 2.4a devices, such as tablets or newer smartphones, very quickly. You can find the RAVPower charger here for $13.

Belkin 3-Outlet Dual USB 2.1A

quad usb 1

This Belkin doesn’t have nearly as high of amp output as the other options, or as high of rating (still 4 out 5 stars on 5,000 reviews), but I included it for a few reasons. One, people recognize the brand as a veteran accessory maker for Apple products, and two is has a design that may be more suitable to some people. It not only adds dual USB ports, but it also adds 3 surge-protected power outlets, essentially turning one outlet slot into 5. I also really like its swivel plug design, meaning it doesn’t take up two outlet slots. You can find the Belkin charger here for $20.

Anker Quad USB 7.2A

quad usb 2

For those who need more than two USB ports, there’s the Anker 4-port adapter. It’s a beast of a charger, capable of putting out 7.2A / 36W of power, meaning you should be able to charge a good mix of devices quickly. It does not have LED indicators (which is a shame on a 4-port charger), but it does have Anker’s aforementioned PowerIQ tech and a universal design so you can plug it in vertically or horizontally. You can find the Anker Quad USB charger here for $20.

Scosche Dual USB Car 4.8A

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For those looking for a dual USB charger for the car, so you can charge both your iPhone and Apple Watch simultaneously while on the go, it looks like your best bet is the Scosche USBC242M. Don’t let its meek appearance fool you; with dual 12W ports and a max of 4.8A, this is rated as one of the most powerful chargers on the market. The Wirecutter named it their best USB car charger, saying that it offered the best combination of power, reliability and size, and Amazon customers have given it a 4.5 out 5 star-rating on 600+ reviews. You can find the Scosche charger here for $14.

Anker Quad USB Desktop 6A

quad usb 3

Like the car option, I decided to throw one desktop charger in for good measure. The Anker 4-port Aluminum desktop charger has a 4.5 star Amazon rating on just 40 reviews, but given Anker’s reputation (Anker claims 1 in 3 chargers sold on Amazon is made by them) and the great Mac-matching design, I figured it was worth mentioning. It features Anker’s PowerIQ tech to ensure your devices charge as quickly as possible. You can find the Anker Quad USB charger here for $26.

Have a dual or multi-port USB charger not mentioned above? If you have a favorite or one you’d consider the best in the category, tell us about it in the comments below!

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