Apple offering online Personal Setup for new Apple Watch users

personal setup

Apple on Thursday night began emailing Apple Watch pre-order customers (whose orders have already shipped), informing them that their wearable would be arriving soon and that they can get help setting it up in “the comfort of their own home.”

The online “Personal Setup” service is essentially a video session in which you get instructions on setting up your Watch and an overview of key features. As with in-store Personal Setups, online sessions require you to schedule an appointment.

Here’s the full email:

Dear customer,

Your Apple product will be arriving soon. Once you have it, we can help you get started right in the comfort of your own home with online Personal Setup. It’s a video session where we show you how to set up your Apple product, walk you through some key features, and answer your questions.

You’ll need your Apple product*, a high-speed Internet connection, and computer or iPad to view live video.

Of course, you can always visit an Apple Store and request a Personal Setup session with a Specialist.

Thank you for choosing Apple.

It’s worth noting that only one member of the iDB team has received this email, out of at least 4 that are expecting to receive an Apple Watch in the mail tomorrow. So we’re not sure if this is a regional effort, or if Apple is picking users at random.

Still, the push is noteworthy as Apple once again appears to be discouraging Watch customers from visiting brick-and-mortar Apple stores. Earlier this month, Angela Ahrendts sent out an internal memo asking staffers to encourage online shopping.

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