Jailbreakers, our day of reckoning is quickly arriving

Jailbreak Decisions

If you’re jailbroken right now on your daily driver, you have a tough decision to make in about 36 hours. Will you keep your device jailbroken, or will you sacrifice your jailbreak in order to pair your iPhone with your Apple Watch. That is the question that thousands of jailbreakers are probably mulling over right now.

It’s a very tough decision, and one that I’m not taking lightly. Not only do I love my jailbroken device and all that it can do, having a jailbroken iPhone is heavily involved in my day-to-day job responsibilities. Fortunately, I do have options, but with Apple Watch arriving on Friday, a decision needs to be made soon.

Option 1: Keep my iPhone 6 Plus jailbroken, and use my iPhone 5s as my daily driver on iOS 8.3

This is the option that I’m most heavily leaning towards. It allows me to keep my iPhone 6 Plus jailbroken on iOS 8.1.2, and it allows me to use my Apple Watch with my iPhone 5s. With this option, I’d take iPhone 6 Plus SIM card out and place it in my iPhone 5s. I’d then use my iPhone 5s as my daily driver, and leave the 6 Plus at home for jailbreak stuff. It would be really hard to downsize to the iPhone 5s’ 4″ screen, but hopefully a jailbreak isn’t too far off in the distant future.

Option 2: Keep my iPhone 6 Plus jailbroken, and retain it as my daily driver. Carry around the iPhone 5s as well for the Apple Watch

This option is very similar to option 1, except for the fact that I’d retain the 6 Plus as my daily driver, and I’d bring the iPhone 5s with me just for pairing and communicating with my Apple Watch. This option allows me to keep my large 6 Plus as my go-to device, but it also means I have to walk around with two iPhones instead of one.

Option 3: Restore my iPhone 6 Plus to iOS 8.3 and pair with Apple Watch. Use my iPod touch 5th-gen (which is on iOS 8.1) for jailbreak stuff

This option rocks, because it means I get to enjoy my full-sized 6 Plus with the Apple Watch. The speed of the 6 Plus would probably translate into the best Apple Watch experience. It also means that I don’t have to carry around two devices. The only downside is that jailbreak stuff would be rendered to an outdated, tiny, underpowered, terrible-screen-rocking iPod touch 5th-gen.

Which option would you choose if you were me? I’m strongly leaning towards Option 1, even though it means giving up the sweet screen real estate of the iPhone 6 Plus. What do you think?