Apple Watch Guided Tours: Apple Pay, Activity, and Workout

Apple Watch guided Tours Apple Pay Workout Activit

Apple has posted the last of its series of guided tours for Apple Watch. The final three guided tours—Apple Pay, Activity, and Workout—round up a video series used to showcase the Apple Watch’s unique features. In total, there are 10 guided tours, with the last three being unlocked today.

This week’s new features highlight the following:

  • Apple Pay: a walkthrough of paying with Apple Pay, setting up Apple Pay, which can be done via the Apple Watch companion app on iPhone.

  • Activity: showcases how to navigate to the app, how to complete the activity rings, how to perform initial setup, and more.

  • Workout: how to select workout activities, setting distance goals, how to show numeric goal metrics, etc.

What do you think about this video series? Do you think it does a good job of showing how to use Apple Watch?