Tweaks of the week: CyNotifier, FolderBlur, Eclair, and more…

Cydia restart springboard

It seems that the tweak release drought that hit us a few weeks back is over. Not only jailbreak developers are staying busy, but the most amazing thing to me is that smart people keep coming up with incredible tweaks. This week is no different.

Animo: create unique animated messages (free)

CCSwipe: replicates the swipe up gesture of Auxo (free)

CyNotifier: notifies you when a Cydia package update is available (free)

Eclair: hides the currently opened app when locking the device ($0.99 – review)

Fake GPS: fake your current location (free)

FolderBlur: adds various blur effects to folders (free – review)

Fuse: shows the clock on the Lock screen when music is playing (free)

HiddenConvos Pro: hide conversations in the Messages app ($1.50)

iSwitch: adds transparency to the app switcher (free)

Particle Wallpapers: a set of dynamic wallpapers ($0.99 – review)

PrismBoard: randomize the color of key pops of your keyboard (free – review)

SmoothCursor: brings the Office 2013 cursor to your iPhone (free)

SmoothPop: a fade animation for keyboard letters pops (free)

TwitVerified: see who is a verified Twitter account directly from your timeline (free)

Viber++: several enhancements for Viber app (free)

WAESendAny: send any files via WhatsApp ($1.99)

Wu-Lock: several Wu-Tang-themed customizations for the Lock screen (free)

Which one did you download?