The tweaks of the week

Cydia Redesign

Another slow week in terms of releases in Cydia with these 14 new packages to hit the default repos. Still, quality is more important than quantity. This is more true today with some of these tweaks providing great features. Have a look!

Auto Tap: adds auto tap to games such as Tap Titans ($1)

Auxo Legacy Edition: the original app switcher ($0.99 or $1.99 – review)

CSources2: lets you manage and toggle repos in Cydia ($1.99)

Discret: brings privacy to Notification Center via a simple gesture (free)

Forecast Widgets: adds weather widgets to the Lock screen ($0.99)

HotDog: several customization options for the Lock screen (free)

Moove: completes several tasks on your iPhone with movements ($0.99)

MultiDelete: delete several apps at the same time (free)

Mussic: track what and how long you listen to music ($2.69)

NoPhotoTabBar: removes the tab bar in the Photos app (free)

PrivateViewing: adds a lock to your photos in Messages or Photos app ($0.99)

RecordPause: pause and resume video recording in stock Camera app (free – review)

Sol: silence incoming calls or alarms by flipping your phone over (free)

WA Earlier Messages: easily load all earlier messages in WhatsApp (free)

Which ones are your favorite this week?