How to simulate the Apple Watch with augmented reality

ARWatch Cutout

Still baffled about how the Apple Watch will actually look on your wrist? There’s a new app that provides what is arguably the best look yet (outside of trying on a real Apple Watch). The app, called ARWatch, uses augmented reality to simulate the presence of an Apple Watch on your wrist.

You can install ARWatch using this link from your iPhone. Keep in mind that this app is not from the App Store, so you’ll be asked to trust the developer before you can actually use the app. I tried it on my test device, and experienced no issues, but since it’s not from the official App Store, we can’t outright recommend that you use it.

Once you download the app, print this PDF, and cutout the watch face with the little alien logo. I used a piece of double-sided tape to stick the paper watch face on my wrist, and that worked fairly well. Note, that if you’re having problems downloading the ARWatch app, you can use the QR code found on the printout to do so as well.

ARWatch Screen

Now it’s just a matter of launching the ARWatch app, and focusing it on your wrist. Once it recognizes the cutout, you’ll see a 3D model of the Apple Watch Sport appear on your wrist.

You can switch colors of the bands by tapping on the Watch. You can cycle through the pink, black, green, white, and blue bands featured in the Apple Watch Sport lineup.

While nothing will replace being able to try an Apple Watch on in person, this is probably your best option until April 10th rolls around. Have you tried ARWatch yet? If so, what did you think?