Camera+ gains Today widget, full iPhone 6 support, direct Instagram sharing and better white balance

Camera Plus 6.2 or iOS iPhone screenshot 001

My favorite camera and photo-editing application, Camera+ for iPhone from Taptaptap, has received a long-overdue refresh Wednesday.

Now the app finally takes full advantage of the new screen resolutions provided by the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus because “there’s just no substitute for a pixel-perfect, custom UI designed specifically for your megaphone.”

The previous versions used automatic scaling, which resulted in a blown up interface that didn’t feel at home on new iPhones. Also new in Camera+ 6.2: advanced white balance control using a dial.

You’ll also love direct sharing to Instagram and a handy Today widget which not only lets you quickly open Camera+ from anywhere, but puts handy photo tips and inspirational photo quotes of the day right into the iOS Notification Center.

As Camera+’s new Today widget is also accessible from the Notification Center on the Lock screen, it’s the best way to launch the app quickly, bypasing the Home screen.

To enable the widget, bring up the Notification Center by pulling down from the top of the screen, switch to the Today section and hit the Edit button at the bottom. Now, tap the plus sign next to Camera+ and you’re done.

Camera Plus 6.2 or iOS iPhone screenshot 002

You can individually enable or disable Photo Quote of the Day, Photo Tips and Quick Camera Access from the widget in Camera+’s settings interface, as shown above.

Next up, the new advanced white balance control.

Unlike before, you can now dial the white balance into whatever Kelvin temperature value you’d like. If you’d rather have Camera+ do the heavy-lifting for you, just use the white balance presets like before.

As for direct Instagram sharing, it means you no longer have to go through the generic “Open In…” feature to send a photo to Instagram. Just tap on Instagram in the Share sheet (available in Camera+’s Lightbox) and the app will process and then send an image to the Instagram app on your device for quick sharing on the service.

”And as always, we’ve iced a bunch of bugs,” developers noted.

This update is free to existing users.

Camera+ for the iPhone and iPod touch is available for $3.99 in the App Store.

The iPad edition will let you back an additional $4.99.

Do keep in mind that a major update to Camera+ for iPad has been in the works for quite some time now as the app hasn’t seen a refresh since January of last year.