The Elago Slimfit2 is an attractive minimalist case for iPhone 6

Elago S6 Slimfit2 1

It is slim. It is clean. It protects your iPhone without calling attention to it. It is Elago’s S6 Slimfit2, and minimalists will appreciate its subtleness and unassuming design.

If you prefer simplicity when protecting your gadgets, the S6 Slimfit2 has an ultra low profile made from flexible and durable polycarbonate available in 15 different colors. The soft texture case uses double-coating with an over paint and under paint to improve grip while keeping germs and bacteria from being able to stick to it.

The case is little more than a backside cover to protect from scratches and bumps. However, it is designed to provide some minor protection to the screen, as well. The lip sticks out over the top of the iPhone 6 just enough to keep the screen from scratches when you lay it facedown on a tabletop.

The Slimfit2 is also designed with full, unfettered access to all buttons and ports on the iPhone 6. Thanks to cutouts and specially designed holes, you can still access the volume and mute buttons, the headphone and charging ports, and the Home and Lock screen buttons.

Elago S6 Slimfit2 2

The camera cutout is specially designed to provide clear pictures without interference or cause reflective flash. The wide hole allows you to take pictures without getting strange effects from the case. However, it is still thick enough to protect the eye when you place it backside-down on a tabletop.

Elago’s S6 Slimfit2 is available in 15 colors, including white, black, gold, crystal clear, a variety of tinted frosts, and matte metallic dark gray. You can order one today from Amazon for as low as $8.99. There is also an iPhone 6 Plus version for between $13.99 and $17.99