Apple pulling Jawbone and Nike fitness devices from retail stores

Apple Store Front logo San Francisco

Apple is halting sales of competing fitness bands, as it prepares to launch the Apple Watch next month. As noted by Recode earlier today, several Apple stores have begun pulling Jawbone and Nike devices from their shelves, and a quick search of the US web store returns similar results.

The Cupertino firm made a similar move in the fall of last year, pulling FitBit products from its shelves. This may be a bit less significant, though, given Jawbone’s smaller marketshare and Nike’s decision to focus its efforts on fitness software rather than produce anymore FuelBand hardware.

Mio chief Liz Dickinson told Recode that Apple notified her a few months ago that the Mio would also be removed from their stores. “They said they brought in a new executive in the marketing area who wanted to make the Apple brand more front and center and clean up the number of accessories.”

On April 24, Apple will launch its highly anticipated smartwatch, and though it hasn’t touted its fitness-related capabilities as much as some of its other features, it does offer a variety of them. It’s clear Apple doesn’t want its Watch to have to compete with similar products within its own walls.

Source: Recode