Can you tell the difference between Siri’s voice in iOS 8.1.1 and iOS 8.3?

Siri promo video (Woman asks for weather)

Improved Siri voice is reportedly among the under-the-hood improvements in Apple’s upcoming iOS 8.3 software update. Though a better-sounding Siri may not always be apparent to an untrained ear, Apple should be credited for consistently improving the voice assistant’s speech synthesis capabilities.

Quick comparison of today’s more natural-sounding Siri versus the original Siri from 2011 gives you a good indication of Apple’s advances in this area.

And now with iOS 8.3 in tow, Apple’s bound to boost Siri’s speech synthesis further. Listen to the new and improved Siri voice in iOS 8.3 relative to iOS 8.1.1 and let us know what you think.

The more natural sounding speech synthesis in iOS 8.3 is particularly noticeable on the words “potato” and “America,” as heard in the comparison video below.

The iOS 8.1.1 version comes first, then followed by the improved iOS 8.3.

The Siri voice in iOS 8.3 does sound more confident.

On the other hand, I’m not so sure that’s the result of a vastly improved speech synthesizer in iOS 8.3. If you listen intently, you’ll notice that simply dropping the pitch at the end of certain words does the trick.


Source: 9to5Mac