CES 2015: Incipio’s new Prompt Folio iPad case has a built-in display for notifications

folio 1

Incipio announced a unique new case for Apple’s iPad Air tablet at the Consumer Electronics show in Las Vegas today. The case, which it’s calling the Prompt Notification Folio, features a built-in OLED screen for discreetly delivering notifications from a connected device.

The Folio connects to “most smart devices” using Bluetooth Low Energy, and is capable of displaying incoming phone calls, emails, text messages, calendar appointments, low battery alerts, and more. Battery life for the case falls between 7-10 days per complete charge.

folio 2

Outside of the notifications display, Incipio’s new folio also works great as a traditional case. The exterior is made of premium eco-friendly vegan leather, and is capable of being manipulated into various positions to make for comfortable hands-free viewing angles and typing.

The Incipio Prompt Folio for the iPad Air 2 will sell for $89.99 when it becomes available later this year (it did not provide a specific launch date). As of right now, it’s only available in the color black, but Incipio says it’s considering adding more colors before the case launches.

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