CES 2015: SuperTooth unveils inexpensive multiroom wireless speaker system

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SuperTooth, a maker of Bluetooth speakers hailing from France’s Nebias, unveiled at CES a multi-speaker system that does more than fill your room with wireless music.

They’re calling it the Multiroom System and it uses up to five speakers connected by Bluetooth and controlled by an app for iOS or Mac to bring music to different rooms of your home.

Setup couldn’t be simpler.

The master speaker receives the music from your device via Bluetooth and then streams it wirelessly to up to four satellite speakers anywhere in your home, using proprietary RF wireless technology.

Featuring zero setup configuration, the satellite speakers connect to the automatically to the master speakers as soon as you connect them to the AC plug. The biggest advantage to owning a multi-speaker system is uninterrupted transition of music playback when moving from room to room.

Streaming is supported from any device using any application like Deezer, Pandora or Spotify. You can also stream music from Internet sources like YouTube, from your music library or any app or online source for that matter.

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According to SuperTooth, the full set of five wireless speakers delivers up to 125 watts RMS. Because the speakers are connected via Bluetooth, their range is around 32 to 49 feet, which works out to about ten to fifteen meters.

The companion app for iOS, Android and Windows devices lets you set the volume of the speakers, stereo or mono placement and change other settings such as equalizer settings and more.

For example, switching all four speakers to mono will keep two speakers in stereo and two in mono. Adjusting the volume in pure stereo mode affects all speakers equally at the same time. You can also name each speaker to identify its location within the house like “kitchen”, “terrace” or some such.

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SuperTooth’s main advantage over similar speaker sets from Sonos and others is an affordable price. The system starts at $299 for a three speaker set (one master, two satellites) and goes all the way up to $480 for the full-on five speaker set (one master, four satellites).

At these prices, multiroom wireless music is more affordable than ever.

“For $299, a three speaker set comes at the price of a single speaker from competitors, and since the initial connection is made via Bluetooth, users have far more versatility when streaming their music,” said Yves Le Reun, SuperTooth’s VP of sales and marketing.

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Indeed, building an entry-level three-speaker SuperTooth system would cost half as much as the least-expensive Sonos speaker, the $199 Play:1.

The company has said that the system will be available for purchase in the second half of this year, in different color options to match your interior: black wood/grey grid/black cloth or light oak wood/white grid/grey cloth.

Which speakers, if any, do you rely on to stream the music in your home?

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