Cover your iPad with a professionally stylish felt sleeve

Inatek iPad mini prop

Living a conflicted life, I am an iPhone nudist but also a hardware reviewer for iDB. As you can imagine, the struggle comes when reviewing accessories that cause the user to obfuscate the design and detail of an Apple iOS device with unnecessary appendages. I do not like bulky cases, even if their primary function is protection. I do not even like screen protectors because it stands between my finger and the glass.

When Inatek approached me about a sleeve, I jumped at the option. Sleeves are one of my favorite accessory genres because they allow the device to be used naked, while still providing protection for travel and day-to-day carry. The Inatek TPB-IM sleeve fits the bill.


The product name TPB-IM does little to explain the sleeve characteristics and should be changed from a cold string of letters to an actual name. Nomenclature aside, it is made of relatively thick, soft felt, both inside and out. The sleeve is stylishly sewn together, giving it more than a simple one wrap around plane. A magnetic tipped leather buckle holds things in place, although not particularly snugly.

TPB-IM is good looking and simple. Over several years, I developed a fondness for simple iPad carriers like this design. To say more about the sleeve is only to overly complicate the conversation. My concern with fit and finish comes with the snugness.

Inatek iPad mini front

I prefer to have sleeves tightly hug the device. Sometimes this can cause scratches when inserting and retrieving the device. However, the Inatek sleeve uses felt, preventing scratches. With a scratch resistant material, I would prefer for the sleeve to hold tightly to the device. This is not a breaking point for most purchasers. Ultimately, the device is completely covered, which is of primary importance. The leather strap keeps iPad seated properly as well as providing a little color flourish and profession appeal.

Currently $13.99 via Amazon, the Inatek TPB-IM is an easy stocking stuffer for the iPad mini enthusiast on your list. For another dollar, you can grab the full size version for iPad Air. For 15.4″ MacBook Pro Retina models a similar style is offered at a current price of 55% off, coming to $17.99. At affordable prices, the Inatek options are worth a look.