Vivo Xplay conversions wallpapers

AR72014_2014-Vivo Xplay Splash2

Sunday is wallpaper day on iDownloadBlog. The section is quite popular and is a running compilation back more than a year. Despite posting more than 75 individual wallpaper posts with more than one image per post, I have yet to feature a specific genre of images.

In an effort to completely “fanboy” our wallpaper section, the curated posts never blatantly featured wallpapers from another device. It felt like featuring wallpapers from other devices somehow would shine a jealous light on iPhone. If we love our iPhones, why do we need wallpapers from other devices? Well, it doesn’t really matter where the wallpapers are from as long as they are esthetically pleasing.


Below are three wallpapers from the Vevo Xplay, which is primarily a Chinese network device, without US carrier compatibility. Spanning different image genres, there is something for everyone. Personally, I am a big fan of the mountain wallpaper. Stealing from other devices, doesn’t mean we are traitors! Besides, thanks to @AR72014‘s modding abilities, these images will look better on our iPhones anyway.

Xmod Splash 3

Download: iPhone 6; iPhone 6 Plus

Xmod Splash 2

Download: iPhone 6; iPhone 6 Plus

Xmod Splash 1

Download: iPhone 6; iPhone 6 Plus


Thanks to the engaged iDownloadBlog audience, the Wallpapers of the Week section has lasted so long. There are many wallpapers out there, but it is more difficult to find excellent images each week. If you have a few favorites or maybe several of your own, send them over for consideration! You can engage with me @jim_gresham, to submit, chat, or even see other wallpapers I find throughout the week. Keep in mind, any wallpapers must be natively formatted for at least the latest iOS devices.