Saurik releases updated version of Cydia for iOS 8 to be installed manually

Cydia Package

In a move that caught us by surprise, the Pangu Team released the jailbreak tool for iOS 8 today, although it doesn’t install Cydia, but rather provides SSH access so that developers can update their tweaks and make them compatible with iOS 8.

Earlier we reported that Saurik has already started working on updating Cydia to make it compatible with iOS 8 and 8.1. The good news is that he has now released the updated version of Cydia compatible with iOS 8 and comes in the form of a .deb file. You can now download the file from his website, and install it manually on your device.

Saurik was quoted saying:

I’ve given a new version of Cydia Installer in the form of a standard jailbreak bootstrap for inclusion in a new version of their jailbreak. I’ve also pushed the .deb of the iOS 8 version of Cydia to for manual download, but not yet to my repository. A lot of thanks goes out to limneos, who tested the new build for me, as I was at an airport (and now am frantically typing this message while they figure out how to retract the jetbridge from the plane I’m on that is about to take off).

Indeed Saurik has done a great job to make Cydia compatible with iOS 8 and release it to the public in a short period of time. Before you jailbreak your iOS 8 device, make sure that you first update or restore your device to iOS 8.1 via iTunes, as recommended by the Pangu Team.

It’s worth noting that most tweaks might not currently work with iOS 8. The Pangu Team will update the Pangu jailbreak tool and bundle Cydia with it in the very near future, so those of you who don’t feel like fooling around with the file system can wait for that updated version to be released.