Apple 5K Retina wallpapers for iMac, iPhone, and iPad

iMac 5K Screen Wallpaper

Late last week, Apple announced new iPads, a Mac Mini upgrade, and their largest Retina display, the new 5K iMac. The Retina iMac marks a new standard in desktop graphics. While many current displays offer a 4K standard, Apple takes things one step farther by adding an additional 1,000+ pixels in both directions to offer the crisp experience.

Although the wallpaper from Apple’s iMac webpage is not populated in the current Yosemite build, it may only appear for Apple iMac 5K Display models. In an effort to release this incredible image to the masses, our good friend Jason Zigrino¬†worked a little magic to pull this official wallpaper download directly from Apple.


Below are links to the 5K wallpaper, tailored for your devices! In an effort to provide a full range of coverage, @JasonZigrino¬†reformatted the 5K wallpaper across all devices and their native resolutions. You can find the links below, except the true 5K image. As the true Retina wallpaper is so large, you will need to download it as part of Jason’s Deviant Art Zip File, which also includes all of the images.


iOS: iPad; iPhone 5/s; iPhone 6/ 6 Plus

Desktop: 1440 x 900; 2560 x 1440; 2880 x 1800

Zip File (includes true 5K image at 5241 x 2948)


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