The Truffol DuraSound offers big sound with small footprint

Truffol Yellow DuraSound splash

There is an assortment of Bluetooth speakers on the market and almost any accessory maker thinks they should enter the flooded marketplace. With that attitude, your product should bring something a little different to the crowd. Truffol’s DuraSound exists somewhere between business professional and outdoor appropriate.

DuraSound has a very conservative, simple, rectangular design, with a flat matte finished front and back grill. This simple design with clean edges and finishes makes it suitable for the office. In contrast, the color-matched silicon bumper allows the device to be toted around for after hour drinks.

Specs and sound

Boasting 8 hours of playback time, the 1200mAh battery charges in four hours. I really like the inclusion of a charging indicator light inside the on/off switch. Verbal communication through the speaker provides the user with audio feedback about power status, and connection information. Similarly, the unit’s Bluetooth connection shows a small battery indicator on your iOS device status bar. Dual stereo 40mm speakers provide a frequency response between 130Hz to 20,000Hz.

With a frequency response of that range, there is not a lot of low-end base. However, the sound will really fill a room, if you place the unit around chest height. As the speakers project forward, you will gain a little extra volume boost by placing the unit an an angle toward the listening level. The silicone bumper, which is included, unlike other competing units, will keep DuraSound from rattling on a table while playing. It does attract dust from surfaces, however.

Truffol DuraSound bumper

Playback controls are onboard with track changing, volume and play/pause. The play/pause button is also the answer/end call button. Thanks to the included mic, you can make wireless calls using DuraSound. My frustration with the playback controls is activation choice. Pressing the left/right button once, will change the song, instead of the volume. It would make operability a little more intuitive for one depression to change volume level, instead of changing the song. Alternatively, to change the volume, depress the left/right and hold. This will gradually change the onboard volume. The user can still modify the volume from the connected device.


This production model preview is a great little companion for your Bluetooth-enabled hardware. It is small enough to fit into any room of your home or office, but loud enough not to go unnoticed when it really matters. The bumper adds a nice texture, even if it tends to collect a little dust. If necessary, you can take it off to rinse.

Details are down to the packaging, which really sets some companies apart. The retail box includes a custom cut foam pad to nestle the device precisely against damage. Additionally, the included 3.5mm auxiliary and charging microUSB cables are flat to prevent tangling. It is little details like that, making Truffol’s DuraSound standout.

At $35, I think this device is precisely priced. It is on the higher end of on-point, but it is not overly priced like some competing devices. The little details definitely make it worth the price. You can jump over to Amazon to grab one.