iOS 8 causing Bluetooth issues for some users


If you’re having problems with Bluetooth in iOS 8, you’re not alone. A number of users are reporting Bluetooth connection bugs after updating to the firmware, or purchasing a new iPhone 6 or 6 Plus—particularly when trying to pair their handsets to their vehicles.

Looking at this lengthy thread on, and this one in the MacRumors forums, the issues appear to be fairly widespread. Within the last two weeks, users have complained of hitches including not being able to pair their devices at all, and random disconnects.

User ‘Mazla’ on Apple’s support forums says his Mercedes’ Bluetooth system “plays music and makes calls but since I’ve put ios8 on my phone I can just play music.” Several Ford owners chimed in saying they’re seeing similar behavior, as are some Fiats and Mazdas.

I too have noticed that my iPhone 6 Plus will randomly disconnect from my car’s stereo while streaming music over Bluetooth, and during phone calls. There doesn’t really seem to be a fix for it, although some folks are seeing success with “Reset All Settings” (be careful).

The good news is, some users have said that updating to the just-released iOS 8.1 beta has resolved their Bluetooth woes, so there’s a good chance the update includes a fix. 8.1 is only available to registered developers right now, but we’re expecting it to launch publicly soon.

Have you had any Bluetooth problems in iOS 8? Did you find a fix?