Lion wallpapers for iPhone and iPad

Lion splash

We are back with another edition of Wallpapers of the Week. Last week, we featured a grouping of wallpapers termed “stars and moons,” to much excitement. However, there were several comments about not receiving the posted wallpapers in iPad format. The Wallpapers of the Week section is designed for iOS device wallpaper downloads, but that doesn’t guarantee any certain size submission. With the intent to make a conscious effort to please those readers looking for iPad wallpapers, this week I chose a set of wallpapers with iPad specific sizes.

Taking the subject back to nature, the walls herein are of the jungle’s king. With no intent on striking a resemblance between Apple’s operating system and the subject matter, simply, lions are a very striking and photogenic creature. The lion’s majesty is caught in these images and shared for all your iOS devices.


Below are four different wallpapers that exemplify the natural beauty of nature in an animal. The lion’s aggression and tame demeanor are captured in the following walls. Both iPhone and iPad images are included for each.

Lion splash 4

Download: Top (iPhone, iPad); Left (iPhone, iPad); Right (iPhone, iPad); Bottom (iPhone, iPad)

Submissions and content

As mentioned above, the wallpapers each week are distributed at their originally created dimensions. Finding quality wallpapers on a weekly basis is already challenging. Sure, there are hundred of thousands of wallpapers that are built for iOS devices, but finding just as many ‘quality’ images is very difficult. When we find a specific wallpaper, it is not always available in both formats–iPhone and iPad. In fact, it is very difficult to find designs and designers that natively design a wallpaper for both.

When we post iPhone only wallpapers, it is because the image is only available for iPhone. There is no intention to selectively leave iPad versions out of the Wallpapers of the Week post. The same goes for desktop versions. Finding iPhone, iPad, and desktop wallpapers, all at once, with a quality image is the rarest of all gems.

Should you find such collections, please feel free to send them my direction @jim_gresham or via Of course, any images are welcomed! Trust we are doing our best to find excellent wallpapers each week and share them for as many devices as possible.