LockKeyboard lets you use the iOS 7.1 Lock screen keyboard across iOS


If you’ve updated your device to iOS 7.1.x, you might have noticed that the Lock screen keyboard looks quite different than the default keyboard that pops up when you’re typing. The new keyboard appears only on the Lock screen when you’re entering an alphanumeric passcode, and it is not available for other parts of iOS 7.1. A new tweak appropriately called LockKeyboard allows you to bring the iOS 7.1 Lock screen keyboard to your entire device.

If you haven’t seen the Lock screen keyboard on iOS 7.1 yet, it features a transparent background and keys with a thin white border around them rather than the default keyboard which sports a light grey background with solid white keys.

The HASHBANG Productions team has now released a jailbreak tweak that’s exclusively available on their own Cydia repo and allows you to replace the default keyboard with the iOS 7.1 Lock screen keyboard. Currently, the tweak is still in the beta phase so it might have some bugs but I was able to use it without any issues.

After installing the tweak, no settings are required to configure. Simply launch the Messages app or anything else and you’ll notice the new keyboard design. Unfortunately, the tweak only supports devices running iOS 7.1 and above, so if you’re running on a firmware that is not supported, you’re out of luck.

To install LockKeyboard, go to Cydia > Sources > Edit, tap on the ‘Add’ button in the top left corner and type in the following repo: cydia.hbang.ws . The tweak also works perfectly with AdaptiveKeyboard.