Poll: should iPhone 6 have a lit Apple logo?

iPhone 6 (uSwitch 002)

A pair of high-quality photographs of an alleged rear shell of the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 obtained by uSwitch are making the rounds this morning. The popular theory is that the device may have an illuminated Apple logo on the back, similar to the logo cutout on iPads and just like Apple’s MacBook series of notebooks.

Rumors of iPhones outfitted with a lit Apple logo have persisted for years, but this is the first time a concrete part has surfaced that suggests an Apple logo-shaped cutout on the back.

In today’s poll, we’re asking if you think whether the next iPhone should come with the glowing Apple logo on its back…

Before we get to the poll, here’s another image of the part in question.

iPhone 6 (uSwitch 001)

A polished finish and the prominent antenna breaks at the top and bottom can be easily seen on the images. The embedded Apple logo is said to replace the printed version on current and previous iPhones.

So, should Apple give the iPhone 6 a lit logo on the back?

Here, cast your vote now.

Why exactly would Apple engineers opt to give the device a logo-shaped aperture on the back? Here are a few possibilities worth considering:

  1. Radio performance – Let GSM, LTE, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi radio signals pass through the casing easily. This is plausible given the iPhone 6 is said to feature all-metal casing. The iPhone 4/4s/5/5s sport a pair of glass panes at the top and the bottom which serve the same purpose.
  2. Free advertising – Just like you can instantly identify Apple fans in airport lounges, restaurants, coffee shops and other public places by the illuminated logo on their notebook’s lid, so you would be able to spot iPhone 6 owners who hold the device to their ear. Talk about free real-world advertising. If I might add, as if the company needed more advertising – but that’s the topic for another article.
  3. Notifications – Rumor has it that the logo would light up whenever there’re new emails, text messages, incoming phone calls and other important notifications. It would be Apple’s version of BlackBerry’s famous notification light and a possible addition to the existing flash light notification feature. There should be a way to choose which notifications are allowed to turn on the logo, unless Apple’s aim is to drive us crazy.
  4. Clever gimmick – Aesthetically speaking, the glowing logo would look cool and turn heads.

Feel free to add your own reasons to the list by posting a comment below.

By the way, lighting up the logo would not be a waste of precious power juice. Assuming it would work akin to MacBooks, the display’s backlighting would provide the light source needed to illuminate the logo – this is why the MacBook’s logo reacts to screen brightness and glows more prominently when you crank up the brightness.

Hit us in comments, should be fun!