Vimeo’s Apple TV app revamps UI, adds on-demand trailers, staff favorites and more

Vimeo (Apple TV 003)

Video-sharing service Vimeo has had its stock channel on Apple’s $99 Apple TV media-streaming box for quite some time now. For those unfamiliar with it, Vimeo on the Apple TV provides basic functionality in terms of streaming your own videos, watching trending clips and other nice-to-haves.

Today, the company has announced a major rethinking of its Apple TV presence with a much-improved app focused on simplifying navigation while adding new features…

Among the additions: Staff Favorites.

This new section is a great time-saver for those who just want to check out the best highlights, without watching every single Staff Pick.

“Our monthly Staff Favorites Albums highlight the best of the best,” notes Vimeo in a blog post. “We’ve also added the winners of our Vimeo Weekend Challenges and a bunch of curated Channels so you can watch tons of amazing videos right away.”

Vimeo (Apple TV 002)

As the screenshots attest, Vimeo’s given the app a major overhaul around a new menu with bare essentials lined across the top of the screen, with links to trending clips, your feed, the Watch Later queue and your own videos, likes and collections.

Vimeo (Apple TV 001)

Next, you can stream thousands of Vimeo On Demand trailers or buy/add them to the Watch Later queue.

By the way, to like or add a video to your Watch Later queue, hold down the Select button on your remote. Pressing the Play button on your remote while any video thumbnail is selected will ensure continuous playback anywhere.

You can also choose the new “More” option on a video if you want to check out other videos from that creator, along with related Albums, Channels and Groups.

Last but not least, Vimeo on Apple TV how honors your content filter preferences when you’re logged in to the service. “If you’re logged out, we’ll show you only stuff that is safe for all audiences,” notes the firm.

According to latest data, Apple’s device is the second most-used box in the US after Roku in terms of both hardware purchases and usage.