Apple adds ‘Best New Game Updates’ section to App Store

Apple has introduced a new section on the App Store called “Best New Game Updates” for showcasing recently updated games for iPhone and iPad. The new category accompanies the long-existing “Best New Games” section, which is now exclusively for promoting new game releases. Plants vs. Zombies 2 and FarmVille 2 are among the first lineup of updated games featured.

App Store discovery has been a growing problem for developers, as the total number of apps available has eclipsed the 1 million mark and counting. This new section should provide at least one additional way for iOS gamers to uncover the best new content updates, and I personally recommend reading our daily App Recap roundup on top. Take a look at the first 16 apps featured ahead… 

Best New Game Updates

Plants vs. Zombies 2 is a hit action-adventure strategy game that was recently updated with part one of the Dark Ages world. That includes new plants that thrive in the dark of the night, new zombies, nighttime levels and more. Plants vs. Zombies 2 is free for iPhone and iPad.

Battle Nations is an epic and addictive combat strategy game that was updated to version 4.0.0 with five new levels, over 80 new missions, new locations and repeatable bosses, a new plasma resource, new buildings and more. Battle Nations is free for iPhone and iPad.

FarmVille 2: Country Escape was bumped up a version for the dog days of summer, letting you play with dogs as your new farm hands. There is also a summer celebration event, with new items, recipes, quests and more. FarmVille 2: Country Escape is free for iPhone and iPad.

Maleficent Free Fall is a match-three adventure puzzle game that recently received a brand new update with added levels, a new power-up that transforms Diaval into a wolf, an all-new gameplay mode, Korean localization and more. Maleficent Free Fall is free for iPhone and iPad.

Zen Pinball is an exciting pinball game for iOS that was pushed to version 1.17 yesterday with a new Deadpool pinball table available as an in-app purchase. Play pinball against your friends with the Hot Seat multiplayer mode. Zen Pinball is free on the App Store for iPhone and iPad.

Big Action Mega Fight! is a classic beat ’em up brawler game that was updated earlier this week to become a $1.99 app, instead of being on a freemium model. New features include rebalanced attack costs, no more advertisements, iOS controller support and more. $1.99 on App Store.

True Skate is the official Street League Skateboarding mobile game, which just got even better with a new Kansas City course, a new icon, wheel color customization, option to disable crash cam, flip trick physics adjustments, performance improvements and more. Free for iPhone and iPad.

Red Herring is a fun and challenging puzzle game based on grouping words into categories. The app now has free daily puzzles, two new puzzle packs and general bug fixes in a recent version 1.1.0 update. Red Herring is free on the App Store for iPhone and iPad.

First Strike 1.1 is a strategy game that was recently updated with iPhone support and several other features: superweapons, a highlighting system, fast play toggle, huge performance optimizations, lots of bug fixes and more. First Strike 1.1 is $3.99 on the App Store for iPhone and iPad.

Lethal Lance is a critically acclaimed game by Bulkypix that was recently updated to version 1.1 with 8 new levels in a new environment and minor bug fixes. Additionally, worlds are now unlocked by collecting stars. Lethal Lance is $1.99 on the App Store for iPhone and iPad.

Subway Surfers is a game where you help Jake, Tricky and Fresh escape from the grumpy Inspector and his dog. The updated version lets you follow the Subway Surfers World Tour to Säo Paulo, with a weekly Top Run race and more. Subway Surfers is free for iPhone and iPad.

AERENA – Clash of Champions is a tactical combat game where you assemble a team of champions and face-off against your friends or opponents. Its recent update delivers new player missions, an unranked game mode and lots more. AERENA is free for iPhone and iPad.

Marvel Pinball combines the greatest super heroes of all time with a classic pinball experience. The game is now at version 1.3 with a new Deadpool table available as an in-app purchase, just like its sibling app Zen Pinball. Marvel Pinball is 99 cents for iPhone and iPad.

Godzilla – Smash3 is a game that provides a mix of jaw-dropping 3D action and challenging puzzles. That experience just got even better, with big difficulty adjustments on the toughest levels in San Francisco, strengthened enemies, bug fixes and more. Godzilla – Smash3 is free for iPhone and iPad.

Salt & Pepper: A Physics Game is a physics game where you draw to guide the salt and pepper to the white and black bowls. The app was recently updated with 72 new levels, 6 new bonus levels, 5 new achievements and several bug fixes. Salt & Pepper is 99 cents for iPhone and iPad.

Dungeon Hunter 4 is a roleplaying series that rounds off the list with its recent Guildhalls of Glory update. There is a new guilds feature, guild-exclusive events with handsome rewards, new weapons and armor, a new chat system and new rings. Dungeon Hunter 4 is free for iPhone and iPad.