Apple drops Apple TV price to €99 in Europe and £79 in the UK

Apple TV price cut in UK

Boy, Apple surely seems laser-focused on making its products more price-competitive. Minutes after releasing a $200 cheaper baseline 21.5-inch iMac model, now starting at just $1,099, word comes that its set-top box, the Apple TV which retails for $99 in the United States, has been discounted in the United Kingdom and across the European Union markets….

Previously costing £99 in the United Kingdom and €109 in rest of Europe, the hockey puck style media-streaming gizmo has been brought down to £79 in the United Kingdom and €99 in key European markets like Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and more.

Quickly, do the math in your head – that’s enough for a nice £20/€10 discount.

Apple is probably making this move to apply some pressure to the likes of Roku, Google’s $35 Chromecast HDMI dongle and Amazon, whose $99 Fire TV set-top box has been picking up some steam lately.