App Store, iTunes and iBooks are down for some users [update: it’s back to normal]

App Store Down

There are multiple reports on Twitter and elsewhere indicating that the App Store, iTunes and iBooks services are either down or functioning erratically. The downtime appears to be affecting users in the United States, Sweden and possibly other regions. On top of that, the App Store appears to be loading incorrectly for some users as well. Hit the break for the latest updates… 

iTunes users are receiving the error “the item you’ve requested is not currently available in the U.S. store.”

iTunes Down

Meanwhile, some iBooks users are presented with a similar “Item Not Available” message.

iBooks Down

Apple has yet to update its official System Status page to reflect this downtime for any of the three platforms. The company has been criticized in the past for being too slow to update this page to reflect downtime, leading some users to question the purpose of having the page in the first place. But we’ll keep this post updated as we learn more.

I’ve had no issues connecting to the Canadian or U.S. App Store from a Canadian location, if that factors into anything. All in all, the downtime appears to be regionalized and is only affecting certain users. If you’re experiencing downtime yourself, let us know in the comments. If possible, provide a few details about where you are from and what isn’t working for you in particular.

Is the App Store, iTunes or iBooks down for you?

Update: Apple confirms all services are back to normal