How to track your child’s iPhone with MobiPast [sponsored]

Monitor child iPhone

Although iOS offers some features that help you restrict what a child can or cannot do on his iPhone, there is still no simple way to closely monitor their texts messages, phone calls, Facebook and WhatsApp conversations and more.

This is exactly what MobiPast can provide: a simple and efficient way to track what your child does on his iPhone (or other device), making sure he doesn’t cross the lines and potentially puts himself at risk. This is a method that definitely raises privacy concerns, but you can’t argue that privacy comes second when it comes to the safety of your kids.

For this to work, both the monitored and monitoring devices will have to be jailbroken. First download the MobiPast app on your iPhone or iPad, then install the invisible monitoring app on your child’s iPhone.

monitor child cell phone

After that, you can open the MobiPast application on your cell phone or tablet and start secretly consulting copies of messages, calls, internet history, Facebook conversations, contacts, etc. Alternatively, you can monitor the device’s activity directly from your desktop browser.

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