Apple introduces new iCloud storage tiers

icloud hero

In addition to all of the other big announcements Apple made during its WWDC keynote today, the company unveiled some significant iCloud changes. The service now has a Dropbox-like front end called iCloud Drive that allows you to access your files across all of your devices.

And that’s not all. Apple also announced some much needed new storage tiers for iCloud that will allow you to store more things in the cloud, for cheaper. Unfortunately, the free tier stays the same at 5GB, but users can now get 20GB of iCloud storage for just $0.99 per month…

Additionally, users can get 200 GB of storage for $3.99 per month, and Apple says that it will eventually have tiers up to 1TB, but it doesn’t have any pricing information on that yet. iCloud still has a way to go to prove itself as a viable storage service, but at least these prices bring in more in line with the competition.