Apple introduces Family Sharing in iOS 8

Family Sharing iPhone 1

Apple has faced a lot of criticism over the years with regards to parental controls on the App Store, especially because of headlines of children racking up thousands of dollars on in-app purchases.

Aiming to eliminate that problem for good, the company has introduced a new feature in iOS 8 called Family Sharing. Apple already has a similar feature in Home Sharing, but Family Sharing takes this feature to a whole new level… 

Family Sharing can be used for sharing iTunes media, ranging from music and movies to apps and books. It also can be used to automatically share photos, calendars, reminders, or find my friends. Now you can track iOS devices, including those that belong to your family or friends. If you have a young child, sibling or other family member who has ever lost their device under the couch, this feature is just for you.

Family Sharing iPhone 1

The real emphasis here is on apps, because the huge catch about Family Sharing is that the primary device linked to a credit card receives a notification when another family member attempts to make an app or in-app purchase on the same account. Family Sharing can be used by up to six devices that are linked to the same credit card on file in iTunes.

We will have additional coverage on Family Sharing in the days ahead.