Dutch court upholds sales ban of older Samsung Galaxy devices

Apple vs Samsung (image 002)

Recode reports that a Dutch appeals court has upheld a lower court’s sales ban of some older Samsung Galaxy devices that infringe on Apple’s IP. The patent in question involves how iOS users are able to peak at the next photo in a gallery by swiping the current image.

The ruling will apply specifically to the Galaxy S2, and the Galaxy Ace—both of which include Samsung photo apps that run an exact copy of the feature—and it could possibly be extended to other Samsung devices found to similarly infringe on Apple’s European patent…

Here’s the full report from Recode:

As part of the ongoing global patent battle between Apple and Samsung, a Dutch appeals court on Tuesday upheld a lower court’s injunction against sales of some older Samsung Galaxy models.

The order applies specifically to the Galaxy SII and Galaxy Ace, but could possibly be extended to other Samsung devices found to similarly infringe on a European Apple patent.

Apple filed the lawsuit against Samsung back in 2011, which originally included multiple patents and most of Samsung’s mobile device lineup at that time. But the judge eventually whittled the case down to a single patent, and a few devices: the Galaxy S, SII and the Ace.

The ban shouldn’t impact Samsung’s business too much, as the devices are fairly old, but it does come at an interesting time. On Friday, Apple and Google announced a deal to drop all patent litigation against one another, and word has it Samsung’s seeking a similar pact.

Earlier this month, a California court found Samsung guilty of infringing on multiple Apple patents, and awarded the Cupertino company $120 million in damages.