Firmware update brings Multi Play and other new features to Mini Jambox

jambox mini

Jawbone yesterday released a significant firmware update for some of its Bluetooth speakers. The free update, which is specifically for the Mini Jambox, brings about several new features including Multi Play, LiveAudio, and more.

Jambox owners will probably be most interested in Multi Play, which enables you to wirelessly connect two of the bluetooth speakers for either double the volume, or to separate left and right channel audio for stereo-like playback…

From Jawbone’s press release:

In seconds, Multi Play couples two MINI JAMBOX speakers to double the volume of a single MINI JAMBOX while streaming from one smartphone or Bluetooth device. After downloading the firmware update at, simply press and hold the three buttons (Volume Up, Volume Down, and Play) at the top of each MINI JAMBOX until you hear a prompt. The speakers will quickly search for each other, then immediately connect – without interrupting your audio.

Once connected via Multi Play, each MINI JAMBOX can be setup to play in unison with the other for more overall volume, or in left and right stereo for a more dynamic, multi-dimensional listening experience. Press and hold the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons on one speaker to switch from unison to stereo when playing your most immersive music, movies and games. 

And not only can you enjoy two Jambox speakers at once, but Multi Play allows for a second smartphone or Bluetooth device to link up. So essentially, two people can take turns controlling the audio from their respective music libraries.

Last but not least, the firmware update adds Jawbone’s LiveAudio technology. The tech enables a three-dimensional listening experience using crosstalk cancellation filters to separate the left and right channels for more depth of sound.

If you already own a Mini Jambox, you can grab the free update by clicking here. If you don’t, you can pick one up starting at $115 from Amazon. It comes in a number of colors including red, silver, yellow, orange, blue and graphite.