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This year’s edition of JailbreakCon saw the introduction of mini talks, short presentations by various actors of the jailbreak community on different topics. Talks were between 5 and 20 minutes and were the occasion for speakers to share some of their knowledge with the audience, without necessarily taking up a whole lot of time.

I was actually one of the mini talk speakers. I actually believe that I went way over the 15 minutes I was allotted. Check inside for all videos of all the mini talks…

Coolstar on developing tweaks for jailbroken devices without a Mac

Bryce Dougherty on libPassword and Zen Notifications

Julian Weiss on taking a tweak from idea to implementation

Tim Collins on the community’s involvement in the Because of Ezra charity

CompilingEntropy on fuzzing Mobile Safari

Kyle Matthews on running a repo

Haifisch on where to start with reverse engineering

Sebastien Page on marketing 101 for tweak developers

You can also find a copy of my slides here.