You’ll be able to buy a Google Glass headset tomorrow; will you?

Google Glass iOS (teaser 002)

Google will hold a one day sale on Tuesday, April 15, for anyone who wants to pick up the Explorer edition of Google Glass, the wearable headset that can take photos, beam apps into your eye, and more.

Until now, Google has limited the sale of Google Glass to customers who received an invitation from another Explorer or directly from Google, but starting Tuesday at 6am for 18 year old US customers, it’s your chance to finally check out what’s going on with this wearable hype. To buy a pair, you must go to the Google Glass website, but don’t think they’ll come for free…

Google will still be charging the same $1,500 price it has been since the release last year. During the sale, Google will also be offering them with sunglass shades or a more stylish frame than the one you may be used to seeing.

Just because Google is opening the sale of Google Glass to everyone for a few hours, doesn’t mean it’s the official launch of Glass. As the Explorer edition name implies, Google Glass is still very much in beta, however, Google has tipped that it plans to launch a consumer version of Glass in 2014 for a reasonable price.

For iOS users, Google makes available a MyGlass app that lets users set up their head-mounted computer, screencast their field of view, add new Glassware apps, manage contacts, and get directions.

So it begs the question: should you buy Google Glass even with a new version coming this year?

You can order a pair of Google Glass starting tomorrow morning on the official Google Glass webpage.

Will you buy a Google Glass?