Theme Thursday: Looka, Elza, Comic7 and Caramelo

Elza Theme

It has now been over three calendar months since Theme Thursday began as a weekly column that promotes some of the best Winterboard theme releases for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. While this week was somewhat slower in terms of quality themes, we are still excited to share three well-designed releases alongside a preview of a fourth one that remains a work in progress. Join us ahead for a look at Looka, Elza, Comic7 and Caramelo… 


Looka Theme

Serbian computer programmer Luka Kajtes just released Looka, a new theme that is designed to look good with virtually any wallpaper on iPhone and iPod touch. I would say based on the screenshots above, which show the available circular and rounded square icon masks, that its objective is well achieved. Looka has a calming appearance with milder colors like navy blue, charcoal, olive green and burnt orange. Looka is available now on Cydia for 99 cents in the default MacCiti repo.


Comic7 Theme

This theme has not actually been released on Cydia yet, but it deserves a mention nonetheless. Comic7 is an upcoming theme for iPhone and iPod touch that, as you might expect from its name, offers a custom icon set with comic-related backgrounds. All system icons are themed, and designer Paydrone is accepting additional requests. Those interested can inquire about beta testing or provide feedback on this Reddit thread.


Elza Theme

Elza is a complex theme by MTK_Des1gn that includes an impressive 220 custom icons and various skins and logos for ClassicDock, iWidgets, Zeppelin, JellyLock, GroovyLock, FolderIcons, HomescreenDesigner and several other popular jailbreak tweaks. Also bundled with the theme is 19 wallpapers and 13 alternate icons. If you are looking for a more complete theming experience, Elza will set you back $3.00 on the Cydia Store for all iPhone, iPad and iPod touch models running iOS 7 or later.


Caramelo Theme

Last, but certainly not least, is a new theme called Caramelo that combines flat design with skeuomorphism. Caramelo, the Spanish word for “candy,” features custom icons that are designed with a special grid and strip away details in order to achieve a minimal effect. Qatar-based designer Rifat Mohammed recommends using the wallpaper in the screenshot above with this theme for the best look. Caramelo is free on Cydia for iPhone and iPod touch.

Let us know which of these four themes are your favorite in the comments section below, and I also encourage everyone to continue making theme recommendations for future Theme Thursday roundups. If you have released your own theme on Cydia, please let me know about it on Twitter (@rsgnl) for coverage consideration. Paid themes can be gifted to my Cydia ID 6107077 if they are for iPhone and iPod touch.

What themes do you want to see next week?