Day One update brings new publishing feature to iPad


Great news for all of you Day One users out there. The popular journaling app has updated its iOS client to version 1.14 this morning with iPad publishing, new photo features, and a slew of bug fixes and other improvements.

As you may recall, last month developers Bloom Built added the ability to publish journal entries to the web on the iPhone, essentially turning the app into a personal blogging platform. And now it’s available on the iPad as well…


Here’s your full change log for version 1.14:

– Publish now available on iPad.
– Added ability to insert copied photos via “Paste from Clipboard” into photo entries.
– Added “Learn More” link in Publish action sheet.
User Tip: Fullscreen mode is still available when reading entries. Simply double-tap the title bar. 
– Improved deletion of entries in Timeline.
– Fixed Foursquare Place being replaced with GPS location.
– Fixed error when clicking Facebook share of a published entry.
– Fixed unresponsive Wrong Password dialog. 
– Fixed error when authorizing sync via Dropbox’s web client.
– Fixed bugs with deleting shares for a published entry.
– Fixed Publish authorizing via Twitter web client. 
– Fixed app freezes related to “on startup” preferences.
– Modified header styles.
– Fixed various UI bugs.

For those unfamiliar with Day One, it’s a journaling app that allows you to easily record and keep track of your thoughts. It supports photos and various other types of media, as well as Multi-Markdown text formatting, and much more.


The recently-released publishing feature enables you to handpick entries from your journal to share with family, friends and others by turning your posts into good-looking webpages. You can then share that page on various social sites.

If you’re ever in the market for a journaling app, I don’t see why’d you’d look anywhere else. You can find Day One in the App Store for $4.99. It’s universal, so it works on both iPhone and iPad, and there’s a Mac version available for $10.