Theme Thursday: Inversify, Ayza, VectrOS and more

Theme Thursday 8

It is quite impressive that even as this eighth edition of Theme Thursday has come upon us, there are still a number of quality Winterboard themes being released each week. It is equally as impressive how collaborative the theming community is in general, as a number of iDownloadBlog readers and others continue to share themes with us that they feel are deserving of making this column. This week, we are proud to share Inversify, Ayza, Rollypop and VectrOS. Here they areā€¦


Inversify Final

The creator of Clarity, a theme that we covered in the second edition of this column, has returned to the scene with the release of Inversify. With over 80 custom icons and counting, Inversify is described as a clean, colorful and soft theme with inverse gradients. It is a subtle change from the stock iOS 7 icons, with a uniform and user friendly design. Also included is minor tweaks to the status bar and other user interface elements. Smuys does not have an iPad for testing, making this theme an iPhone exclusive. $1.00 on the Cydia Store in the MacCiti repository.


Ayza Theme Final

Talk about beautiful. Not only is Ayza a gorgeous theme by itself, but it is accompanied by an equally well designed website. Mumbai-based Vinit Jasoliya deserves a lot of credit here, because Ayza has plenty of things going for it: over 200 custom icons, a custom user interface and themed status bar. Jasoliya is fulfilling additional icon requests that he receives through this form. Ayza will set you back $1.99 on Cydia in the default ModMyi repository. An iPad version is coming soon.


Rollypop Theme

I’m often guilty of promoting themes with very similar designs, based on my personal preference, but I will share Rollypop by Kyle Revony in the interest of changing things up a bit. This isn’t exactly the most beautiful theme that you will find on Cydia, but iPhone users that are looking to drastically change the look of their Home screen have a good option right here. The theme features a circular icon mask and flat color palette, and can be found on Cydia now in the ModMyi repo. Thanks to iDownloadBlog reader CAS for the recommendation.



While this theme has not yet been released on Cydia, VectrOS is still well-deserving of a mention. The theme includes 135 custom icons that are designed with incredible detail, and jailbreak tweaks like Iconomatic and iWidgets help make it even more customized. Its designer RM Design hopes to make further customizations to the user interface and release more icons in the future. To get this theme, which is another iPhone and iPod touch exclusive, you must add to your Cydia repository sources under Manage > Edit > Add. Upon payment, and registration of your device, the package is then available for download.

Thanks to everyone that continues to read this roundup and contribute to it each week. As always, be sure to leave your theme recommendations in the comments section down under. It is one of the first places that we look when considering themes for future Theme Thursday editions. If you a theme designer yourself, connect with me on Twitter (@rsgnl) and gift your theme to Cydia ID 6107077 for coverage consideration.

Which themes would you like to see covered next week?