CES 2014: NueVue’s new cases claim to remove 99% of bacteria on iDevice screens

NueVue antimicrobial cases (teaser 001)

Case maker NueVue at CES 2014 unveiled a new line of cases which it claims have been designed to remove up to 99 percent of bacteria residing on the surface of your iPhone and iPad’s screen. The cases clean the screen and offer antimicrobial protection every time you remove the device.

Available for the iPhone, iPad and iPad mini, with tablet sporting a handy leather strip to keep the device secure, the new cases make possible antimicrobial protection by using microfibers licensed from medical company BioCote…

Their pitch:

Introducing NueVue, a unique and long overdue concept in smartphone and tablet cases.

More than just a fun and stylish way to protect your phone or tablet, NueVue cases clean the screen and offer antimicrobial protection, every time you remove the device.

Not only is a cleaner screen easier on your eyes, your device stays looking like new – longer.

The cases are anti-static and shock resistant as well.

Available in cotton twill, leather and canvas and in a variety of colors, expect them to start out at $49.99 when they go on sale “soon”. There was no mention of a case for the iPad Air, however.

Also, “up to 99 percent” sounds like a marketing talk to me.

While currently exclusive to Apple’s devices, versions for other tablets and smartphones will be announced at a later stage, the company promised.

Earlier in the week, the iPhone cover glass maker Corning announced a new Gorilla Glass with antimicrobial properties is ready for mass production.

Hop over to the NueVue website to learn more.