Mophie introduces new ‘Space Pack’ iPhone case with built-in battery and storage

space pack

Mophie added a new edition to its family of popular Juice Pack iPhone cases today. It’s called the Space Pack, and just like Mophie’s other cases, it features a built-in battery that can essentially double your iPhone’s battery life.

But what really stands out about this new accessory is that it also features built-in storage. That’s right, the Space Pack supports a number of different file types and can increase the capacity of your iPhone 5/5s by 16 or 32 GB…

Here’s an excerpt from the press release:

“mophie®, the #1 selling mobile battery case manufacturer in North America, introduced today the mophie space pack, the world’s first smartphone case with built-in storage for iPhone 5s/5. The mophie space pack not only doubles the battery of the iPhone, but increases its storage capacity, allowing users to keep more documents, videos, music and photos than ever before.

Available in both 16GB and 32GB models, the mophie space pack enables iPhone users to do more with their 5s/5 than previously thought possible. Users can now save and share photos, videos, music files and documents with the ability to access these files any time, without the need for a data network or using storage space on their iPhones.”

And here is your official promo video:

You can access the Space Pack’s built-in storage using Mophie’s free iOS app. It enables you to easily manage all of your files via a familiar local file management system, and the best part is, it doesn’t depend on a network or Wi-Fi.

The app also supports Airplay, so you can send your documents, photos and movies to a TV, monitor, or speaker with a compatible Airplay Device, and has AirDrop integration, so you can share files with other AirDrop-friendly devices.

The mophie space pack is available for pre-order at for $149.95 (16GB) and $179.95 (32GB), and is slated to begin shipping on March 14 of this year.