BytaFont 2 is out with support for iOS 7, A7 devices

bytafont 2

Adding to our list of popular jailbreak tweaks that have been updated for iOS 7 this morning is BytaFont. The developers announced yesterday that BytaFont 2 is now available in Cydia with support for iOS 7 and A7 devices.

This is great news for folks who like to really customize the UI on their iPhone or iPad, as BytaFont allows you to change the default font in iOS. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like any of the old fonts are compatible with BF 2…

Here are some answers to the most FAQ via the BytaFont blog:

– Does BytaFont 2 works with iPhone 5S? Yes, we had positive feedback about that
– Are fonts in “Fonts (BytaFont 2)” section compatible with iOS 7.1? Not yet, we are working on it
– Can I use the fonts in old Cydia “Fonts” section? Nope, they won’t work with BytaFont 2. iOS 7 compatible fonts are only in “Fonts (BytaFont 2)” section
– Dialer is not skinned, why? The dialer cannot be skinned via BytaFont: it is an image
– The lock clock and notes are not available in the advanced tab, why? iOS 7 uses the same font for lock clock, notes and system, so when you change the system font the lock clock and notes change too
– Why does the new Cydia section, Fonts (BytaFont 2), contains few fonts? Porting takes a lot of time, please be patient: we’ll add new fonts almost every day
– After installing BytaFont 2 there is no icon in the springboard, what can I do? Just restart your device
– I get a black screen when I start BytaFont 2 for the first time, what should I do? If your device is quite slow (e.g. iPad 2, iPhone 4) it is normal, just wait some time and let BytaFont finish the back up of your original files

For those who already installed BytaFont 1.7.1 on iOS 7, you’ll have to restore the original fonts and then uninstall the tweak before installing the new version. You can find compatible fonts in the Cydia section: Fonts (BytaFont 2).

bytafont 2 1

I’ve never really used this tweak before, but I was able to install it on my Retina iPad mini without issue and everything appears to be working fine. If you’re interested, you can find BytaFont 2 in Cydia, in the ModMyi repo, for free.