Apple says new Mac Pro uses 68% less energy than previous generation

Mac Pro (top 001)

We all know that Apple’s new Mac Pro is smaller than its predecessor, and in most instances more powerful, but did you know that it’s also far more green as well? The Cupertino company released an Environmental Report today on its latest desktop saying just that.

According to the report, the new Mac Pro uses less than half of the allowed energy limit under Energy Star requirements, thanks to its various power-efficient components. And it also requires 68% less power than the previous-generation Mac Pro while in idle mode…

Here’s an excerpt from the report, which you can read here:

“Apple believes that improving the environmental performance of our business starts with our products. The careful environmental management of our products throughout their life cycles includes controlling the quantity and types of materials used in their manufacture, improving their energy efficiency, and designing them for better recyclability. The information below details the environmental performance of Mac Pros it relates to climate change, energy efficiency, material efficiency, and restricted substances.”

Apple goes on to talk about greenhouse gas emissions, energy efficiency, and material efficiency of the new Mac Pro. In addition to it requiring less power, the computer is also extremely material efficient, consuming 74% less aluminum and steel than last year’s Pro model.

mac pro green

Even the packaging on the new Mac Pro is more environmentally friendly than that of its predecessor, consuming 82% less volume than the previous-generation. Apple says that it uses corrugated cardboard made with a minimum of 33% post-consumer recycled content.

In 2013, Apple hired the former Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency Lisa P. Jackson as part of its ongoing efforts to decrease the environmental impact of its products and services.