p0sixspwn: an untethered jailbreak for any device capable of running iOS 6.1.3-6.1.5


The dynamic duo of iH8Sn0w and winocm put together an untethered jailbreak called p0sixspwn for any device capable of running iOS 6.1.3 through iOS 6.1.5. Yes, that means that even A5 devices running the firmware, like the iPhone 5, can be jailbroken using p0sixspwn. 

To download the jailbreak, head over to our downloads page. So far, only an OS X version of the tool has been released, but we are expecting a Windows compatible version to touch down soon.

The release, which is also available as package directly in Cydia, has been met with lots of controversy on Twitter, IRC networks, and various other communication channels. The controversy stems from the fact that the exploit used was originally found by legendary hacker Comex, and that was it being saved for future usage.

Several prominent members of the community, including evasi0n figurehead pod2g, have lambasted the pair for releasing a jailbreak for what is widely deemed as a waste since it’s for older firmware.

I’m interested to see how much interest that p0sixspwn garners. While there’s some obvious interest for those driven to remain on pre-iOS 7 firmware for as long as possible, it’s obviously that the evad3rs didn’t think enough interest was there to warrant including support for older firmware in Evasi0n7.

What do you think? Will you in any way benefit from the release of p0sixspwn, or do you agree with pod2g, and think it was a wasteful use future jailbreak resources?