Wallpapers of the week: new year time

WOTW New Year 2014 splash

If you missed the announcement last week, the Wallpapers of the Week format is changed. In a new effort to continuously provide top quality wallpaper images, readers are encouraged to submit any attractive wallpapers instead of simply ones created by an artist only. This switch also allows the images to be seasonally appropriate.

In a seasonally appropriate mindset, with Christmas behind us, the next holiday is celebrating 2014. Each year, a limited amount of new year options are created, primarily due to their short shelf life on users’ devices. However, several choices were rounded up and offered herein…


To offer a 2014 variety the following wallpapers are available for iPad and iPhone. While the images are not necessarily New Year specific, “time” is the running theme between the images. Whether switching to another calendar year or the Mayan calendar predicting the future, the wallpapers are all chronologically focused.

2014-New-Year-ipad-wallpaper-preview New-Year-2014-ipad-wallpaper-preview


Mayan-Clock-preview clocks-12-clock-hand-preview


To download the respective wallpapers, tap each image to load the full resolution. Once loaded, tap hold, and save it to Camera Roll. From either Photos.app or Settings.app, find the appropriate picture, then set as wallpaper. From a desktop computer, right click the full resolution image, and save it to the iTunes sync folder.


With the new format, all images are now up for consideration. Readers no longer need to be the original artist to submit a wallpaper. If you have excellent wallpaper images, make sure to send them over to me @jim_gresham or jim@idownloadblog.com. For consideration, the images must be formatted specifically for iOS devices. If the artist is known, please include proper credit in the submission.

Happy New Year to everyone!