Southwest Airlines now offering in-flight iMessage access for $2 per day


Good news for folks planning to do some holiday traveling later this month. Southwest Airlines is celebrating its move to offer gate-to-gate Wi-Fi service with a new in-flight iMessaging plan.

Starting today, Southwest will let any user that has iOS 5 or later running on their device to use iMessage for just $2, thus allowing them to stay connected to friends and family while in the air…

From Southwest Airline’s blog (via MacRumors):

Beginning today, Southwest is enabling iMessage for $2 a day! Any Apple user that has iOS 5 or later with the iMessage feature pre-loaded on their device can take advantage of this option. Now you can stay powered up and connected to friends and family like you never left the ground.

Don’t worry Android users, we’ll be showing you the LUV soon.  Tell us what your favorite Android-based messaging apps are and we’ll ask Santa to make it happen early in 2014!”

Southwest does most of its flying between the US and Mexico, and doesn’t offer Wi-Fi on all of its flights. But if you do up a plane that has it, this seems like a fairly inexpensive way to keep in touch.

For those that want to do more than just text message, Southwest Airlines does offer full in-flight Wi-Fi access for $8 per device, per day. And this would allow you to access all of your applications.

What do you think of this $2 iMessage plan? Deal or no deal?