Keep accessories handy with the Tangle case

iLuv Tangle splash

On a regular basis, I am always carrying around any number of little doodads, accessories, and other miscellany. Where should I stuff all of my small pieces of important fanfare? Usually, I will load my pockets down with all that I might need. If there is more, I carry a backpack with lots of pockets and spaces.

Granted, iLuv’s new addition, Tangle, will not replace a backpack or your favorite pair of cargo shorts, but it could easily come in handy. Popularly known for all sorts of creative iOS device solutions, iLuv even has a contract to produce Peanut cartoon accessories. Inside, I take a look at the Tangle and its accessory carrying options…

Design and function

iLuv Tangle headphonesA simple case in function, the Tangle uses a thermoplastic polyurethane casing, which is particularly sturdy. I had more trouble getting my 5s into the case than anticipated, but it was not so stiff I damaged the iPhone or worried it would not install.  The frame includes open access to the mute switch, headphone port, Lightning port, camera, and speakers. The sleep/wake and volume buttons are covered.

The backside of Tangle is the highlight product feature. With a web of elastic bands, there is a net to store accessories, as I mentioned above. Now, you aren’t going to cram a Magic Mouse in there. However, there is easily room for a Lightning cable , EarPods, and even a credit card if you are clever enough.

To include the elastic gore stripping, TPU framing is thicker than I would prefer, but necessary for the design. It looks a little unfinished, as the elastic stripping does not have any form of end seal. It seems like, over time, the stripping would fray with heavy use and the single line of stitching could be strained.


At the retail price of $34.99, I would recommend passing on this case. However, Amazon is offering them starting at $13.95, which is a great price for any solid case design and comes in three colors. Really, it comes down to, do you really want things strapped to the back of your iPhone? As a nudist, no, I absolutely do not want anything toting around on my iPhone, not even a case.

If you are always dragging around headphones or your charging cable, it may be worth it. Again, I would raise the question, do you want those same items hanging off the back of your iPhone while you surf the net or handle a call? If yes, then this is your case and it was specifically designed to your preferences.

I know there will be some chatter in the comments below. Is anyone looking for this style case?

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