Wallpapers of the week: whimsical aura borealis

Anxanx Borealis Splash 2

Another Sunday, another set of reader wallpapers. Each week readers submit different kinds of wallpapers, from completely graphic to photographs to abstract modifications. It is great to see what type of artwork our iDB readers regularly produce.

The posts also spur excellent conversation in the comments section. While all of the feedback is not completely useful, we do keep an eye on the reactions below. Criticism and negative comments are not useful without a suggestion for progress. However, some readers help guide the section with their constructive feedback. This week, we present two manipulated photographs by Anxanx. Take a look inside for the full downloads…


Capturing the natural beauty of the aura borealis, or Norther Lights, Anxanx optimized the images to compensate for iOS 7’s new parallax effect. From an original shoot called “Maligne Sky,” the following images resulted. I cannot tell if Anxanx both captured the image and modified it, or simply optimized the image as a wallpaper. To get the full details, make sure to catch up with Anxanx on his Deviant Art gallery.

borealis_reflections___iphone_5_ios_7_wallpaper_by_anxanx-preview clean_borealis___iphone_5_ios_7_wallpaper_by_anxanx-preview

Left: Borealis Reflections

Right: Clean Borealis


Tapping or clicking the image name will load the full resolution image. Once the full image is loaded, tap hold, then save image to Camera Roll. Once saved, access the image in the Photo.app or Settings.app and set as the desired wallpaper. From a desktop computer, right click and save the image to the iTunes synch folder. Then, follow the same procedure.


The Wallpapers of the Week section does not sleep. Because we rely on our readership to post excellent wallpapers each week, I am constantly mulling through submissions looking for the next great image. To make sure your wallpapers are considered, send me two images formatted for a specific iOS device. One image can be for iPhone and one for iPad, but the images must be the correct resolution. Simply sending me a photograph you took on family vacation does not count.

To catch up with me directly, find me on Twitter @jim_gresham or embed the images into an email to jim@idownloadblog.com. Thanks for your effort and I look forward to your walls!

Do you have any thoughts on the Wallpapers of the Week section or the submissions? How are you enjoying getting hand picked images each week?